AC2000 Time & Attendance

The AC2000 Time and Attendance module is a reporting method for the office manager/administrator who requires statistics on the in and out movements of staff.

Integrated into the AC2000 access control system, it provides a very powerful, configurable tool that allows the administrator to run reports on the number of hours worked by staff.  Rather than installing a separate timekeeping system, existing ID cards and card readers can be used for both access control and time and attendance.

The AC2000 Time and Attendance module automates time-consuming administrative tasks and provides accurate employee attendance data that can be used with many third party products such as a dedicated payroll system for accounting purposes.

AC2000 Time & Attendance can be used in conjuction with emerald for a complete Time & Attendance solution. With an emerald terminal at the entrance and/ or exit point of the building the card holder simply swipes thier badge at the emerald terminal and selects IN or OUT. This allows emerald to become a Time & Attendance reader, and administrators can view reports on AC2000.


  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to use wizard provides a step-by-step setup guide
  • Option to use default settings or customise reports
  • User definable date/time, zones, and personnel fields to specify a start and end date/ time for a report, create any number of zones to monitor attendance and track by individual company or particular members of staff
  • Selection of problem areas to flag up e.g. late starters, invalid swipe outs, etc
  • Data can be exported to CSV file for integration with payroll etc
  • Option to save report settings for frequent use
  • Interfaces with Windows® scheduler to automatically re-run reports
  • Can be used with emerald for a complete Time & Attendance solution