Connected Partner Program

The Connected Partner Program, from Tyco, gives third-party technology partners the opportunity to integrate with our security solutions. Our robust integration development packages, including software, documentation, samples codes and engineering support time, offer partners the tools to achieve the functionality required and the flexibility to develop at their own pace.

The Connected Partner Program is designed for product manufacturers and software developers. It offers access to all the tools needed to build integrations with Tyco products, including software, hardware, documentation, sample code, dedicated engineering and marketing support. This program is not intended for product resellers and distributors.

Connected Partners have the opportunity to develop integrations with CEM AC2000 Access Control platform, in addition to the Tyco product brands already in the program, including Software House, Kantech, American Dynamics, Illustra, DSC and exacq.

The Connected Partner Program for CEM AC2000 offers a complete integration package, with a VM build, AC2000 software, API and licenses installed along with test tools, to meet and simplify our partner’s integration needs. For a growing list of the available CEM Systems integrations with both 3rd party manufacturers and the Johnson Controls family of products, please click here.

If you are a product manufacturer or software developer, take advantage of these opportunities and join the Connected Partner Program! 

Benefits of Partnering with Tyco

Expand Opportunities
- Leverage Tyco Security Products sales teams to promote integrated solutions on a global scale
- Integrate with multiple Tyco Security Product solutions

Flexible Integration Development
- Easily complete the self-certification process
- Determine the speed you want to design and develop the integration
- Validate your integration and ensure feature support
- Add new technologies and features as they are developed to continually update and improve your solution

Dedicated Service
- Access to our best-in-class engineering support team
- Seamless integration process with Connected Partner team available to support integrations
- Private use of fully equipped test labs Marketing Support
- Featured as a trusted partner on Tyco Security Products marketing materials
- Create joint marketing strategies


Complete the online application now or email the Connected Partner Program team at to get started.