About Us CEM Approved Resellers

The CEM Approved Reseller Program is a dedicated program for the approval and management of CEM business partners.

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North America cem.na@tycoint.com
South America cem.na@tycoint.com
Europe, Middle East & Africa cem.emea@tycoint.com
Asia Pacific cem.apac@tycoint.com

The aim of the program is to ensure that CEM customers always have a consistent level of service and standard of maintenance of their AC2000 access control system.

To become a CEM Approved Reseller, business partners need to have accredited training and experience in installing and maintaining CEM AC2000.

It is important whether you are an end user, tendering for a contract, or specifying an access control system for a client, that you match the CEM Approved Reseller to your requirements.

To get a list of CEM Approved Resellers in your region or to apply for CEM Approved Reseller status please contact your CEM Account Representative or email us at one of the addresses above.