Integrated Solutions

For a complete integrated security management solution, the AC2000 access control system provides powerful integration tools and high levels of integration with various third party security and business applications.

These integrated applications can be easily managed from the central AC2000 command and control application - AC2000 Security Hub; providing a seamless security management system (SMS) for access control, video, fire, intrusion and much more.

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AC2000 video integration provides the ability to associate access control alarms with digital video clips. Using the central AC2000 Security Hub application, AC2000 acts as a single command and control centre for all system alarms and associated video. 


Intrusion integration with AC2000 enables alarms from intruder detection systems to be acknowledged and cancelled from the AC2000 central server, just like other alarm events from the access control system.


AC2000 integration with fire panels allows fire alarms to be reported instantly on the AC2000 Security Hub application for central monitoring.

Perimeter Detection

Seamless perimeter intrusion integration allows for notification, monitoring, acknowledgement and cancelling of perimeter alarms via the AC2000 access control system.  Perimeter maps and icons can be positioned within the AC2000 Security Hub application alongside access control readers and associated cameras.  

Asset Management

AC2000 asset management integration provides an effective way to physically secure keys and valuable equipment, providing accountability and preventing the loss of valuables.