Controllers & Modules

CEM offers an advanced range of intelligent IP and serial door controllers designed to interface third party readers with the AC2000 access control system. When an encrypted panel approach is required RS485 serial encrypted door controllers are available for use with the CEM sPass DESFire smart card reader. CEM also manufacturers input/output modules for controlling external equipment and door interface units which provide power to a door lock/reader and improve door security.


CEM Systems intelligent IP and Serial door controllers offer a high level of system resilience and intelligence for use with the AC2000 access control system.

Did you know that CEM was first to market with its Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) door control!

Input/Output Modules

CEM Input / Output Modules provide a flexible means to monitor and control a range of external equipment used in conjunction with the AC2000 access control system.  For example to control PIR detectors, heating or lighting. 

Lift Control

CEM lift control solutions offer seamless control and monitoring of access between elevator floors.  Depending on how many floors need controlled, each lift must have a Lift Control Interface (LCI) unit, which is used in conjunction with the main CEM S9032 lift controller.

Door Interface Units

The CEM range of Door Interface Units (DIU’s) provides power to a door lock and local power to a CEM reader, when a high level of access control security is required.