DIU 230 - Power over Ethernet Door Interface Unit

PoE+ door interface unit powers CEM Ethernet readers and heavy duty maglocks via a single CAT 5e/6 cable.

Where a high level of security is required and cabling must be kept to a minimum, the Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) DIU 230 offers the ideal solution. The DIU 230 is a complete package that combines Ethernet communication with battery backed lock and door power.

Using a single Cat 5e/6 cable, the DIU 230 eliminates the need for a mains power supply at the door. Where local power is not available, the DIU 230 can offer significant cost savings.

The DIU 230 supports a range of PoE+ mid-spans, offering the highest levels of flexibility, with sufficient power for almost every situation.


  • Door and reader power with Ethernet communications via a single Cat 5e/6 cable
  • Eliminates the need to have mains power and a power supply at the door
  • Current capacity for up to 1.9 Amps
  • Provides local power for a full door set including up to 2 Maglocks
  • Up to 1.9 Amps available at the door
  • Door Interface Electronics held on one board
  • Dedicated Fire Alarm, Break glass and Tamper inputs
  • Wiegand interface for 3rd party exit reader
  • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Onboard battery backup & patented power assist feature


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