Web based Modules

AC2000 WEB

The powerful AC2000 WEB platform offers easy to use browser based applications that can be accessed from any networked location via a PC, tablet or smart phone.  As part of the AC2000 software, AC2000 WEB applications allow users to access vital security system information quickly and easily, using only a web browser.

AC2000 WEB Dashboard

AC2000 WEB Dashboard is a central data gathering application providing instant access to information regarding key elements of the AC2000 access control system.

AC2000 WEB Reports

AC2000 WEB Reports is a web based application that allows a system operator to run and create a range of customisable reports on all alarms and transactions generated within the AC2000 system.

AC2000 WEB Visitor Management

AC2000 WEB Visitor Management is a powerful tool that enables users to request and manage temporary cardholders (visitors) from any location via a standard web browser.

AC2000 WEB Personnel XML Export

The AC2000 WEB Personnel XML (Extensible Markup Language) Export tool provides a simple and efficient way to export cardholder’s details, from AC2000, to a simple XML file for use in a third party system.

AC2000 WEB Personnel Image Export

The AC2000 WEB Personnel Image Export tool allows users to export cardholder photographs to a defined AC2000 folder location for 3rd party systems to extract.