AC2000 WEB

The powerful AC2000 WEB platform offers easy to use browser based applications that can be accessed from any networked location via a PC, tablet or smart phone.  As part of the AC2000 software, AC2000 WEB applications allow users to access vital security system information quickly and easily, using only a web browser.

Users can respond to alarms online, configure the AC2000 access control system remotely, set up and configure access control devices, schedule visitors, as well as import personnel data and view WEB security dashboard reports, all at the click of a button.  AC2000 WEB applications are ideal for quick and efficient access to AC2000 functionality without the requirement of installing any software.

AC2000 WEB provides CEM AC2000 system administrators with current interactive alarms tables, web reports and other essential system status updates. AC2000 WEB provides a simple means to configure and manage AC2000 without the need for previous experience in server operating system management tools, helping to lower cost of ownership and installation configuration times.


  • User friendly and intuitive web interface
  • Seamless integration of AC2000 applications with additional web tools
  • WEB Visitor Management (featuring separated Booking and Card Issue permissions)
  • WEB dashboard & customised reports
  • WEB Remote door open
  • WEB interactive alarm event display; alarm filtering and alarm acknowledgement/cancel from a web browser
  • WEB Rolling Transaction Display (RTD); visually identify cardholders prior to them gaining access through a secure door.
  • WEB Alarm & Door Status Displays
  • WEB Devices to set up and configure access control devices
  • WEB Personnel XML Export
  • WEB Personnel Image Export
  • WEB Room Booking