AC2000 WEB Personnel Image Export

The AC2000 WEB Personnel Image Export tool allows users to export cardholder photographs to a defined AC2000 folder location for 3rd party systems to extract.

Users can manually export cardholder images from specific companies, departments and card formats along with added filtering for different card statuses, such as: Current Card, About to Expire, Lost or Stolen, Expired.

The photographs are exported as JPG files to a nominated sub folder on the AC2000 system. The user friendly web interface allows the user to specify the filename of the JPG file based on various criteria such as forename, surname, and job title. Up to nine different database fields can be inserted into six different field headings.


  • Simple and easy tool for exporting cardholder photographic images
  • The personnel image export tool allows cardholder images to be exported by company, department & card format
  • Filtering options based on various card status: Current, About to Expire, Lost or Stolen, and expired
  • Provides a simple but powerful tool to allow Human Resource systems or card management systems to import cardholder images without image recapture