Other Integrated Solutions

Additional integrations to the AC2000 security management system include Commend Intercom, Permaconn Dialler and Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) integration.

Commend Intercom

The AC2000 Commend interface provides a seamless bi-directional communication between AC2000 and Commend intercom workstations, as well as their respective intercom devices.

Microsoft Active Directory

AC2000 Microsoft Active Directory integration provides tighter system security and support for corporate IT user management and authentication. Based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the AC2000 Microsoft Active Directory integration provides AC2000 cardholder record synchronisation and Microsoft Windows Single Sign-On (SSO).

Morpho BioBridge Interface

Morpho BioBridge is a synchronisation middleware that provides a simple and efficient method of seamlessly sharing cardholder details between AC2000 and MorphoManager software.

Otis Lift Interface

The AC2000 Otis Panorama lift interface provides seamless communication between AC2000 and Otis lifts via a high-level software interface.


The AC2000 Permaconn interface allows AC2000 access control alarms to be transmitted to the Permaconn dialler as ContactID event codes. This provides the ability to monitor access control and intruder alarms from a central location.

Schindler Lift Interface

The AC2000 Schindler Lift interface provides seamless unidirectional communication between, AC2000 and Schindler servers.

Vingtor Stentofon AlphaCom Intercom Interface

The AC2000 Vingtor Stentofon interface provides seamless bi-directional communication between CEM Systems AC2000 and AlphaCom XE intercom servers and workstations, as well as their respective intercom devices.