AC2000 Enterprise

AC2000 Enterprise; the connected way to manage multiple sites anywhere in the world.

Designed around a single AC2000 Enterprise server centrally connected to an unrestricted number of AC2000 Local Enterprise servers, the enhanced enterprise system provides centralised access control and monitoring capability where wide geographical distribution occurs, or where departmental or business unit separation is necessary. The enterprise system architecture improves reporting, alarm processing and personnel management across multiple site locations.

A business or organisation can scale its single site AC2000 access control system to a multi-site enterprise solution, while at the same time unifying policy requirements and reducing administrative and operational costs. Each business unit can be administered at a local, and/or centralised level depending on the daily operational requirements.

AC2000 Enterprise Server

The AC2000 Enterprise server holds all personnel and card information from all connected sites, along with all card swipe and alarm information.

AC2000 Local Enterprise Server

In the AC2000 Enterprise architecture a large number of local AC2000 servers called AC2000 Local Enterprise servers can be supported from a single central AC2000 Enterprise server (provided the AC2000 Enterprise server is of a sufficient specification). Each AC2000 Local Enterprise server has almost full AC2000 functionality.

AC2000 Local Enterprise server operators have full control of data added at the AC2000 Local Enterprise site including Personnel, Devices, Security Hub and Reporting. Operators can also export cards and assign access to imported records at the local site.


  • Centralized Personnel and Card Management
  • Independent alarm management at regional AC2000 Local Enterprise servers
  • Multi-version support for ease of upgrading
  • Global Security Hub - Centralized Alarm and Event Management 
  • Global time zone support
  • Global Reporting - Report on all activities (e.g. card swipes) of a company or card holder across all sites
  • Personnel/Card records can be exported from each local site to some or all of the connected enterprise sites
  • Up to 1,000 enterprise access levels can be created and assigned to any card holder