Intelligent Readers

CEM consistently leads the industry in the development of its Intelligent IP card readers: Industry firsts include Portable hand-held card readers, Ethernet based IP card readers, Fully integrated biometric readers and Intelligent card readers with internal database.


Intelligent, multi-functional access terminal

With its sleek design and state of the art 4.3” LCD touch screen, the emerald range offers card reader and controller functionality, scramble keypad for PIN security, fully integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom and optional fingerprint biometric security, all in one powerful touch screen terminal. 


Multi technology IP card reader/controller

The S610e is a multi technology IP card reader and controller in one.  Utilizing Ethernet connectivity the S610e communicates directly with the AC2000 host server, removing the need for an additional intelligent control panel in the system design.

sPass Intelligent Readers

Contactless, encrypted smart card reader

A cost effective contactless smart card reader with powerful security and encryption features.  The sPass reader utilizes 128bit AES encryption, 3DES (Triple DES) encryption and highly secure DESFire technology.  It is designed to be connected to the CEM DCM 350 or eDCM 380 (Door Controller) with encrypted RS485 serial communications between the sPass reader and the controller. 


Multi technology, intelligent serial card reader/controller

The S610s is a multi technology serial card reader and controller in one.  With an RS485 serial port allowing it to communicate directly with the host AC2000 controller, the S610s removes the need for an additional intelligent control panel in the system design.