Commend Intercom

The AC2000 Commend interface provides a seamless bi-directional communication between AC2000 and Commend intercom workstations, as well as their respective intercom devices.

The AC2000 Commend Intercom interface uses the ‘Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)’ method for communication between both systems. AC2000 intercom devices and applications (i.e. intercom stations) can make and receive calls from any connected Commend station and similarly, any Commend station can make and receive calls from any AC2000 intercom device or workstation.

Through the AC2000 interface it is also possible for the AC2000 server to receive Input alarms and trigger Outputs to and from the Commend stations, which can be used as part of the AC2000 Security Management System for Command and Control and Cause and Effect functions i.e. Guard or Operator notifications, Video Recording, Video Pop-up functions and PTZ preset-on-call.


  • Used in conjunction with CEM emerald access terminal (TS200/TS300/TS200f/TS300f options)
  • Seamless bi-directional integration to Commend VirtuoSIS v4.1 and GE800 v4.1 Servers over VoIP using the SIP protocol
  • Use either AC2000 or Commend intercom applications to communicate to any VoIP connected device
  • Send and Receive Input/Output alarms on Commend stations to provide command and control, and cause and effect functionality
  • Use with an existing CEM supported video interface to provide video-pop-up functionality for live video intercom viewing or to trigger PTZ presets on call
  • Web application to provide call log information and active or inactive status of all connected AC2000 intercom stations.