AC2000 WEB Reports

AC2000 WEB Reports is a web based application that allows a system operator to run and create a range of customisable reports on all alarms and transactions generated within the AC2000 system.

System operators access the web reports through any readily available web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Report templates can be generated and saved for both alarms and transactions based on the following criteria; Date, Device, Alarm Type, Cardholder or Transaction Outcome.  Reports can then be emailed to any email address either daily, weekly or monthly at specific time intervals.

The benefit of the AC2000 WEB reports to customers is the ability to generate reports based on the user’s own criteria. Customers have the ability to save report templates for later use and also to schedule reports to be auto-generated and emailed. This significantly reduces time spent by the system operator accessing the data required in the desired format either on or offsite.


  • Instant web access to a range of reports including Alarm and Transaction reporting
  • Choose to email, Print or ‘Save As’ a CSV file
  • Reports can be customised to include only the information that is needed
  • Users can choose Date Ranges, Devices, Cardholders and specific card transaction outcomes
  • Report layouts can be saved as templates for later use
  • Users can build up a resource of multiple templates giving quick access to crucial reports
  • Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Scheduled reports can be emailed to one or more recipients
  • Ability to print directly to PDF format


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