AC2000 WEB Personnel XML Export

The AC2000 WEB Personnel XML (Extensible Markup Language) Export tool provides a simple and efficient way to export cardholder’s details, from AC2000, to a simple XML file for use in a third party system.

System users can manually export AC2000 cardholder data in a standard XML format or in CEM XML format, which may be used by a secondary AC2000 access control system. Users can filter the type of data exported from a number of selectable options, ranging from: Company, Department, Card format and images.

It is further possible to filter cardholders export data based on different card status for example: current card, about to expire card and Lost or Stolen card. AC2000 WEB Personnel XML export tool makes it easier for AC2000 to integrate with third party systems, such as a Human Resource System or a card management system.


  • Simple and easy tool for exporting ‘personnel’ and card details into an XML file
  • The XML tool allows cardholder records to be exported by company, department, card format and card status
  • Filtering options based on various card status: Current, About to Expire, Lost or Stolen, and Expired
  • Additional option to include Image export
  • Choice between standard XML format or CEM XML format (for use with the AC2000 XML Import interface)
  • Provides a simple but powerful tool to interface with Human Resource systems, card management systems or other stand alone AC2000 access control systems