AC2000 Database Partitioning

AC2000 database partitioning enables the AC2000 access control server to be divided into multiple partitions. Administrators of partitioned systems have the ability to fully add personnel card holders and produce ID badges on their own site, but are prevented from seeing the data of other partitioned databases that reside on the same AC2000 server.

Database partitioning is primarily designed to operate in situations where an AC2000 database is shared by several organisations e.g. a shopping centre or technology park. Typically these companies will be tenants within each building onsite.

In such a situation it is often unsatisfactory that representatives of one company might be able to view or even edit data belonging to another company. Database partitioning overcomes this by restricting access not only to a company’s card reader network but also restricting access to database areas not belonging to other companies/organisations.


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Database partitioning also empowers each company by giving them control over their own private access areas while still allowing them access to common areas within the building or campus.


  • Provides individual access control for each partitioned company
  • Partition administrators and users can only view data in their own partition
  • Partition administrators and users are capable of adding record & access levels independently of the system administrator
  • Overall AC2000 system administrator can globally report on all partitioned database details and events
  • Enables AC2000 'Company' records, 'Personnel' card holders and associated 'Access Levels' to be partitioned