AC2000 Online Rolling Transaction Display

The CEM AC2000 Online RTD (Rolling Transaction Display) application features a split screen view of real-time transaction outcomes and alarms on the AC2000 access control system. 

When a card is swiped at a reader, the cardholders stored image and associated personnel details are displayed. This allows security to perform a visual security check that the right person is using the card.

The main function of AC2000 RTD is to display real-time photographic and text based information on all cardholder, visitor and vehicle transactions that occur on the AC2000 system. AC2000 RTD features a dual window option, allowing users to display full screen image and transaction outcome in addition to the standard view.


  • Online display of real time transactions
  • Highlights lost/stolen transactions and where they occur
  • Door can be remotely opened via a command once operator verifies cardholder access
  • Used in conjunction with AC2000 Security Hub application and integrated CCTV for complete command and control functionality
  • Customized audio notification of transaction
  • Full audit trail of transactions viewable in one window