AC2000 Lockdown

The AC2000 Lockdown Application allows system operators to temporarily block access to a CEM Access Control Reader or a group of Readers within a specified area in case of a major event.

The functionality of the Lockdown application is based on Lockdown Zones and when activated it will deny access to any CEM Reader (including REX button) that is configured within the Lockdown Zone; consequently sealing off the area on a site to prevent movement of personnel between locked and other areas.


  • Block access to specified areas at the click of a button
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Configurable zones including single CEM Reader or a group of readers
  • Printable Zone History showing all past events on the readers assigned to the Zone with the ability to save as report
  • Any number of CEM Readers from the AC2000 System can be assigned to each Lockdown Zone
  • Lockdown seals off only concerned areas instead of the entire site
  • Username and password can be configured as a requirement to be able to lockdown a zone