AC2000 Car Parks

The AC2000 Car Parks application helps to ensure that only valid cardholders can access the permitted car parks at the allocated time.

Car park management and access control

Each physical car park can be divided up into logical car parks. Logical car parks can also exist in different time zones, thus for example ten spaces could be allocated to office workers during the day, and the same ten spaces could be allocated to residential tenants in the evenings and weekends.
The AC2000 Car Parks application supports multiple car parks per cardholder, useful if the first car park is full, they can use a second.

Flexible space management

To maximise flexibility the AC2000 system permits the maximum parking space allocations total to exceed the number of spaces the car park may have, this allows for the assumption that not all cardholders with an allocated parking space will require the space at the same time.
Further flexibility is provided by assigning time zones to a cardholder, thus allowing only daytime access to some, or only nights and weekends to others. A cardholder can have access to two car parks each with a different time-zone e.g. user can park in far-away car park all the time but use a closer car park only at the weekend or night shifts.

Booking a space

Car park space can be allocated without becoming active until a selected future date and time. A space allocation can either have an expiry date and time or be open ended until the expiry of the ID card. The system will automatically terminate the allocation, thus that allocation will automatically become available for re-issue. A car park allocation can be manually revoked by a workstation operator using the personnel application at the click of a button, immediately freeing up the allocation for re-issue. If a person's credential expires prior to the parking allocation expiry date, access to the car park will be denied with that credential. A car park allocation can be short term, thus on a selected day for a two-hour period for example.

Car park access controllers

All the standard AC2000 card readers support car park access control. As an option an override button can be fitted within the guard hut to raise the entrance gate. The gate controller can also be broadcast OPEN for free access or locked down as required.

Vehicle passes

Vehicle passes do not require allocation. Pool cars fitted with a valid long range UHF window tag for example will be able to access the car park. As an option, the driver may also be required to swipe, in this case access to the car park will be determined by cardholder’s car park allocation. Only if both are credentials valid will the entrance gate open.


  • Intuitive and easy to use configuration
  • Add unlimited car parks
  • Supports multiple car parks per cardholder
  • Support for overflow car parks
  • Car park maximum allocation setting
  • Supports delayed entry date and automatic car park expiry
  • Supports date and time for short stay
  • Number of spaces - the number of car parking spaces in the car park