AC2000 Data Import Tool

The AC2000 Data Import tool allows system administrators to import third party cardholder details into the AC2000 Personnel application, which stores cardholder information on the access control system.

The Data Import Tool simplifies the bulk loading of data from a third party system which is typically required during a new system installation. This removes the need for duplicate data entry and offers users a quick and efficient method of importing data into the AC2000 security management system.

Using the interface tool, an unlimited number of records, including cardholder photographs, can be easily brought into the AC2000 access control system, eradicating the requirement for customised software development or time consuming database scripts.


  • The ability to import data from any 3rd party systems through a .CSV file
  • Simple, easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for importing 3rd party data
  • Intuitive three step process to import an unlimited number of personnel records
  • Summary report shows number of records imported and the number of import failures
  • Eradicates the requirement of customised software development and the creation of time consuming database scripts