AC2000 Threat Levels

AC2000 Threat Levels is a management software module that allows building security to be completely reconfigured at the click of a button.

It enables security to react instantly and adjust security levels in response to a perceived threat, or during times of limited occupancy, such as holiday or site shutdown periods.

An unlimited number of threat levels are configurable, each of which can be given its own name and colour code and customised to provide a different level of security.


  • Enables the security level to be easily changed to match perceived threat
  • Provides fully-customizable levels of security
  • Ability to define an unlimited amount of threat levels with user defined descriptions and colour schemes
  • Allows selective access, depending on threat level
  • Enables site security to be enhanced during periods of low occupancy (e.g. holiday periods)
  • Allows site security to be quickly relaxed during non critical scenarios
  • Executes commands when threat level changes (e.g. set doors to card and PIN mode)