AC2000 Muster Zones

The AC2000 Muster Zones application is used for emergency situations where card holders must congregate in a dedicated safe location.

The application can be used both in the evacuation of card holders to a location away from the site (or zone) or when necessary it can be used to enable card holder’s to move to a particular safe location within the premises.

Advanced reports can be easily generated from an AC2000 workstation to give an accurate indication of all cardholders who have reached the muster points safely.   In-zone reports and muster reports highlight those cardholders who are on site (within zone) but who have not yet reached the safe muster area.


  • Record the safe evacuation of staff
  • In an emergency event cardholder’s must present cards at a Muster reader in a safe area
  • Any reader can be designated as an Entry or Exit reader
  •  Re-muster facility
  • Cardholder’s status is updated in real time
  • Advanced muster reports