AC2000 Keypad Commands

The AC2000 Keypad Commands application enables customers to trigger outputs or filter alarms by entering pre-defined keypad command codes on a CEM S610e keypad reader.  Using a CEM S610e reader, users can remotely enable/disable alarms or outputs.

AC2000 Keypad Commands can be used for a wide range of operational efficiencies including the disabling of motion detectors before entering a room, or for disabling PIR burglar alarms. It can also be used for green energy saving efficiencies such as the switching of lighting controls on/off, activating air conditioning or enabling/disabling heating on demand.


  • Trigger outputs by entering a keypad command code on a CEM S610e ethernet reader
  • Enable/Disable outputs or filter alarms for operational efficiencies
  • Multiple outputs supported (Broadcasts)
  • Activated commands can be reported on AC2000 Security Hub application
  • A quick method of enabling external systems to be integrated with AC2000 system
  • Intuitive setup & configuration application