AC2000 Smartcard Utility

The AC2000 Smartcard Utility is a dedicated, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-128-bit, key management application.

The Smartcard Utility allows users to securely define, manage, and encode card reader and blank DESfire EV1 smartcards with user defined encryption keysets. Keysets are then downloaded via a secure Ethernet network to all CEM readers.

The CEM smartcard utility allows organisations to take full ownership of their smartcard personalisation process; independently of third party card manufacturers.


  • AC2000 Smart card key management utility
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-128-bit
  • Random & Manual Key generator
  • Create, encode and manage user defined AES-128-bit Keysets
  • Seamless smartcard encoding/enrolment process
  • Option for both Private Secure Number (PSN) or Public Unique Identifier (UID) card number encoding
  • Hardcopy printout for 3rd party system compatibility
  • Key rolling provision for extra level of security redundancy
  • Minimal impact on day to day operations
  • Organisations obtain full ownership of key management functions
  • Convenient approach to key management; no requirement for configuration cards
  • Auditable system logs