Key Modules

AC2000 Car Parks

The AC2000 Car Parks application helps to ensure that only valid cardholders can access the permitted car parks at the allocated time.

AC2000 Data Import Tool

The AC2000 Data Import tool allows system administrators to import third party cardholder details into the AC2000 Personnel application, which stores cardholder information on the access control system.

AC2000 Data Partitioning

AC2000 Data Partitioning enables the AC2000 system to be divided into multiple data partitions. Partition administrators have the ability to fully add personnel card holders and produce ID badges on their own partition, but are prevented from seeing the data of other partitions that reside on the same AC2000 server.

AC2000 Guard Tours

AC2000 Guard Tours provides the facility to define a list of readers or inputs that a security guard must visit in a certain order and within a specified time period.

AC2000 Intercom

AC2000 Intercom is a software based intercom user interface that is used to provide bi-directional Voice over IP communication between the emerald Intelligent Access Terminal (TS200 & TS300 range only) and the AC2000 Client Workstation.

AC2000 Keypad Commands

The AC2000 Keypad Commands application enables customers to trigger outputs or filter alarms by entering pre-defined keypad command codes on a CEM S610e keypad reader.  Using a CEM S610e reader, users can remotely enable/disable alarms or outputs.

AC2000 Lockdown

The AC2000 Lockdown Application allows system operators to temporarily block access to a CEM Access Control Reader or a group of Readers within a specified area in case of a major event.

AC2000 Muster Zones

The AC2000 Muster Zones application is used for emergency situations where card holders must congregate in a dedicated safe location.

AC2000 Occupancy Zones

AC2000 Occupancy Zones is designed to count and limit access control to pre-defined zones within a building onsite.

AC2000 Online Rolling Transaction Display

The CEM AC2000 Online RTD (Rolling Transaction Display) application features a split screen view of real-time transaction outcomes and alarms on the AC2000 access control system. 

AC2000 Personnel Clear Down

AC2000 Personnel Clear down is a data housekeeping utility that automatically deletes expired personnel records from the AC2000 database.

AC2000 Room Booking

AC2000 Room Booking Interface enabling users to book meeting rooms using AC2000 access control system with the emerald Intelligent Access Terminal and Microsoft Outlook.

AC2000 Smartcard Utility

The AC2000 Smartcard Utility is a dedicated, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-128-bit, key management application.

AC2000 Standard System Link

The AC2000 Standard System Link application offers the ability to link multiple standalone CEM AC2000 security systems together.

AC2000 Threat Levels

AC2000 Threat Levels is a management software module that allows building security to be completely reconfigured at the click of a button.

AC2000 Time & Attendance

The AC2000 Time and Attendance module is a reporting method for the office manager/administrator who requires statistics on the in and out movements of staff.

AC2000 Time Hub (enhanced Time & Attendance)

The CEM Systems AC2000 Time Hub enhanced Time & Attendance module provides reliable time keeping with improved user experience. AC2000 Time Hub helps to avoid costly payroll errors, under or overstaffing and inefficient time recording.

AC2000 Visitors

The AC2000 Visitors software module provides a powerful tool to monitor and control access for temporary cardholders (visitors).

AC2000 Zone Monitor

AC2000 Zone Monitor allows a real time view of all cardholder movements in defined zones and is an ideal application in high risk sites where evacuation may be necessary.  

AC2000 Vehicles

The AC2000 Vehicles application allows users to produce a professional pass or vehicle tag for all vehicles which require access to secure areas, with the ability to associate cardholders to vehicle records.