American Dynamics Intellex DVMS

AC2000 interfaces with American Dynamics Intellex® video management solution, providing the ability to associate access control alarms with digital video clips.

Using the central AC2000 Security Hub application, a DVR Micro Viewer gives the operator a range of video imaging facilities to generate alarm reports with associated live video footage, as well as control camera positioning.


The system allows a user to fully integrate the power of a CCTV and DVMS network into the AC2000 Security Hub application. This network can be composed of a number of DVMS servers, plus a network of CCTV cameras located throughout a site.


  • Deep (High-level) Integration of CEM AC2000 access control system with American Dynamics Digital Intellex Video Management Systems
  • Associate access control alarms with digital video footage
  • Live video feed activated directly from AC2000 Security Hub application
  • Camera icons can be positioned in Security Hub module alongside access control readers
  • Display up to 16 individual camera feeds simultaneously in a single screen matrix
  • Capture images from live video and save them to common picture format (BMP)
  • Adjust camera pan, tilt and zoom via integral software control
  • Compatible with American Dynamics Intellex range of DVMS (Classic and Ultra)