American Dynamics victor

The AC2000 victor interface allows access control alarms to be sent to the American Dynamics victor unified video solution where they can be associated with video actions.

Additionally, the AC2000 victor interface allows control of AC2000 devices from within the victor unified client, supporting access control features such as remote door Lock/Unlock and remote door open.

Unified access control and video management
The AC2000 victor interface offers customers an integrated security platform where you can open and close doors on the access control system via the victor video solution.


  • Seamless integration of AC2000 access control system with American Dynamics victor unified video solution
  • Associate access control alarms with live video footage
  • Uses AC2000 External Systems Interface to forward alarms to Victor, including alarms generated by 3rd party AC2000 interfaced systems such as Intruder Panels
  • Victor can be configured to play a video salvo, perform a video tour, and live camera popup footage upon an AC2000 access control alarm
  • The CEM AC2000 victor video interface allows Victor users to remotely open/close AC2000 controlled doors
  • Victor can generate reports on AC2000 devices