Aimetis Symphony VMS

AC2000 features a high level interface with Aimetis Symphony, a software-based Video Management System (VMS) with native analytics. Aimetis Symphony is compatible with analog and IP cameras, encoders, DVRs and other video devices from a wide variety of manufacturers.

AC2000 high-level interface with Aimetis Symphony supports Preset-on-Alarm, Pattern-on-Alarm and forced camera recording on video action. These can be enabled and configured via the AC2000 Video Configuration Application or VMS. AC2000 events can trigger VMS video actions.

Video actions can be customised using AC2000 video configuration, and are assigned to a camera such that when an AC2000 alarm on a CEM Systems card reader or PIR, AC2000 will trigger a recording on the VMS for the configured record duration and, if needed, trigger a preset or pattern tour on the camera.


  • Seamlessly integrate AC2000 with Aimetis Symphony VMS
  • Associate access control alarms with digital video footage
  • Playback alarm videos, take snapshots and download video clips of recorded and live footage
  • View alarm videos as they occur, control the camera and alarms by priority in Video Popup
  • Define video alarm actions in AC2000 DVR Video Configuration
  • Display up to 16 individual camera feeds simultaneously using the Live Viewer
  • Control pan, tilt, and zoom cameras and move to specific presets via AC2000
  • Trigger camera patterns on configured PTZ cameras
  • Easy one step import of camera details directly from Aimetis Symphony VMS