AC2000 Alarm Event Display

A2000 Alarm Event Display (AED) provides central alarm and event management for the AC2000 access control system and integrated sub systems. AC2000 Software v7.1 & below

As a security management system (SMS) and using the highly proven AED application, AC2000 can effectively monitor for a condition in one integrated sub system and cause an action in another. For example view live video pop up upon a perimeter breach or intruder alarm. AC2000 AED responds to all alarm situations in real time providing an on-screen interface to systems with advanced graphical maps, live video pop up and remote door broadcasting.

AC2000 AED provides users with a wealth of useful alarms processing features including dynamic icons, automatic zoom and advanced navigational tools.  Operators can also record ongoing comments on the system, which act as a valuable archive of all daily system activity.

AC2000 alarms on AED can be escalated to a supervisory workstation if not acknowledged after a set period of time.


  • Provides central alarm and event mangement forthe AC2000 access control system and integrated sub systems, such as CCTV and Intruder
  • Real-time graphical alarms processing
  • User definable alarms and alarm priorities
  • Password protected user login
  • Advanced graphical maps – any number of maps, floor levels, and zoom levels
  • Dynamic, resizable icons representing status of system/devices
  • Executable icons configured to activate 3rd party applications
  • Advanced ‘easy to use’ navigation tools including Pan Window
  • Facility to open remote door
  • Batch Acknowledge/Cancel alarms
  • Alarm filtering capability
  • Automatic zoom to graphic/floor plan of selected alarm
  • ‘Text Journals’ available for operator reporting on events
  • Trace cardholder and movement history facility
  • Guard Tour monitoring
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Alarm Escalation