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AC2000 Muster Zones

The AC2000 Muster Zones application is used for emergency situations where card holders must congregate in a dedicated ‘safe’ location. The application can be used both in the evacuation of card holders to a location away from the site (or zone) or when necessary it can be used to enable card holder’s to move to a particular safe location within the premises. AC2000 Muster Zones is used in conjunction with the AC2000 Zone Monitoring application.

In cases where card holders need to evacuate to a location away from the premises, personnel swipe an ‘In’ reader when they arrive on site (at a turnstile for example) and then swipe an ‘Out’ reader when leaving. This means that administrators can see who is left in the zone and who has exited the premises successfully. An automatic printout of the muster report will also be available to administrators to facilitate an offsite head count of evacuated personnel.

In situations where personnel and card holders must ‘Muster’ at a location within the premises, a muster point reader can be installed/setup on the system. The personnel would swipe an ‘In’ reader when entering a site and then swipe at a dedicated ‘Muster’ reader at a safe location on site. Should the muster reader be located in the danger area, muster zones also have the capability of being reset -‘Re-muster zones’. This offers customers the flexibility and adaptability to change muster locations as required.

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AC2000 Muster Zones PDF


  • Record the safe evacuation of staff
  • In an emergency event cardholders must present cards at a Muster reader in a safe area
  • Automatic printout of Muster report upon an Alarm Input i.e. fire alarm
  • Any reader can be designated as an Entry or Exit reader
  • Re-muster facility
  • Advanced muster reports