DSC PowerSeries Neo

The AC2000 DSC PowerSeries Neo intruder interface enables alarms from DSC intruder detection system (IDS) to be fully integrated with the AC2000 security management system.

The AC2000 DSC PowerSeries Neo interface enables inputs from intruder panels to be placed as icons on the >AC2000 Security Hub application. This provides, on a single screen, a graphical representation of the physical layout of intruder sensors and allows for central alarm monitoring of both access control and intruder alarms.

Using the AC2000 DSC PowerSeries Neo interface and the central AC2000 Security Hub graphical maps, system operators can quickly identify an intruder alarm and its exact location on site. This allows for a fast response time and a centralized and integrated viewpoint of both security systems.

Combined with CCTV/NVR integration, intruder alarms can be used to enable video images to be recorded on a compatible video management system. The IDS alarms can also be forwarded to other 3rd party monitoring systems such as Building Management System (BMS) for example.


  • Seamless integration of AC2000 access control system and DSC intruder system
  • High level bi-directional integration of DSC intruder panels
  • AC2000 & DSC Neo panel time sync
  • Multiple panels supported
  • Remotely arm/disarm DSC panels and alarms
  • DSC intruder alarms reported instantly on AC2000 Security Hub application for central monitoring
  • DSC panels and sensor locations represented on Security Hub maps
  • DSC intruder alarms included into AC2000 alarm reports
  • Ethernet network connection supported
  • Intuitive setup and configuration tool