AC2000 XML Interface

The AC2000 XML (Extensible Markup Language) interface provides a simple and efficient way to import basic cardholder details into the AC2000 access control system.

The import process allows incremental updates from a third party source and will support a large single batch import that is typically required during a new system setup.  Details are processed by using the prescribed and standard CEM AC2000 XML template.


  • Simple and easy importing of personnel and card details into the AC2000 access control system
  • The XML interface process allows cardholder records to be added, deleted and frequently updated
  • Uses CEM prescribed XML template layout
  • XML import files can be processed at a pre-defined time and frequency E.g. once a day
  • Error logs and import notifications on AC2000 server
  • Provides for a simple but powerful interface from systems such as Human Resource Systems