AC2000 BACnet Interface

The AC2000 BACnet interface provides a simple and efficient way to integrate AC2000 with third party building management systems. BACnet is a communications protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks.

The interface allows alarms to be sent over to the Building Management System (BMS), Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Fire and other external systems that support BACnet communication. This bi-directional interface also allows AC2000 to receive third party COV (Change-of-Value) notifications with the ability to display and monitor the events on the AC2000 Security Hub alarm and event management application.

This interface enables alarms to be sent in BACnet protocol to third party systems including building management systems, HVAC, fire and any other systems that support BACnet communication. The interface is bi-directional, allowing for both the sending of AC2000 alarms and the receipt of third party Change of Value (COV) BACnet messages, which can then be displayed on the AC2000 Security Hub alarm and event management application.


  • Seamless integration to BACnet systems over TCP/IP (BACnet IP)
  • Windows style GUI for ease of configuration and data entry
  • Map AC2000 Devices and Inputs to BACnet Objects
  • Define how BACnet objects and received COVs can be displayed as AC2000 Security Hub alarms
  • Define how AC2000 Alarms utilise BACnet Objects
  • Operational/Non Operational alarms
  • Duress and Tamper Alarms
  • Lost/Stolen card alarm
  • Card Reader Off-line and other Reader event alarms