AC2000 API

This integration tool provides a standardized and convenient way to interface an external system into AC2000.  This eradicates the need to design and develop custom interfaces, where changes would typically have been made to both systems. Third party developers can use the API to produce their own interface to the AC2000 systems.

The AC2000 API provides a unique set of code and instructions, which allow developers to utilise subcomponents of the AC2000 system.

Functions implemented in the API allow customers to maintain Personnel, Vehicles and Visitor records from the third party system, with the ability to issue remote access control door commands and alarm based actions.


  • Allows third party developers to create seamless interfaces to the AC2000 and AC2000 Airport
  • Create, Delete, and Edit Personnel, Vehicle and Visitor data from external systems
  • Issue remote door commands from a third party system
  • Perform alarm related actions externally
  • Real-time event processing and remote command and control
  • Leverage the power of AC2000 within a custom interface
  • Customers have the ability to seamlessly interface with third party systems of their choice