FFT Cams

CEM Systems has partnered with FFT CAMS (Future Fibre Technologies) to enable perimeter detection alarms to be incorporated into the CEM AC2000 access control platform.

The AC2000 FFT CAMS application seamlessly integrates AC2000 with the perimeter system servers, giving the operator a range of alarm 'acknowledge' and 'cancel' facilities.  This allows AC2000 system operators to acknowledge and cancel any alarms recorded by the FFT CAMS system.  Any system integrated to the FFT CAMS database can also become monitored by AC2000.

The interface allows alarms, controllers and zones from the FFT CAMS system to be incorporated into the AC2000 system and displayed via the state-of-the-art AC2000 Security Hub application. AC2000 Security Hub is a powerful alarm monitoring application and enables all security alarms, events and associated video footage to be displayed centrally on AC2000.


  • Incorporate perimeter defence alarms into the AC2000 Security Hub application
  • View real-time activity directly from the AC2000 Security Hub application
  • Video alarm pop-up feature based on priority or time
  • Perimeter maps can be positioned in the AC2000 Security Hub module alongside access control readers and associated cameras
  • Display up to 80km on a single perimeter system