FFT Cams 3

The AC2000 Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) Central Alarms Monitoring System 3 (CAMS 3) interface for perimeter detection allows alarms and events, controllers and zones from a FFT CAMS 3 installation to be incorporated into AC2000.

The AC2000 FFT CAMS 3 Interface seamlessly integrates AC2000 with a CAMS 3 server, which can be composed of several different perimeter controllers (e.g. FOSS or Aura based controllers), giving the operator a range of acknowledge and cancel facilities.

The interface allows a user to fully integrate the power of FFT CAMS 3 into the central AC2000 Security Hub application. AC2000 Security Hub is a powerful alarm monitoring application and enables all security alarms, events and associated video footage to be displayed centrally on the AC2000 system.


  • Incorporate FFT CAMS perimeter defence alarms and events into the AC2000 Security Hub application
  • View real-time activity directly from the AC2000 Security Hub application
  • If external CCTV systems are also integrated, AC2000 Video alarm pop-up feature based on priority or time can be activated
  • Perimeter maps can be positioned in AC2000 Security Hub alongside access control readers and associated cameras
  • Zone import tool to assist with easy incorporation into AC2000, and advanced alarms association
  • Alarm service allows complete bidirectional synchronisation of alarms and events for both AC2000 and FFT CAMS 3 servers
  • Compatible with FOSS perimeters controller systems and AURA perimeter controller systems