Traka Key-safe

Traka Key-safe Key Management Integration with AC2000 enables you to control, monitor and record the use of keys within AC2000. Traka provides intelligent key management to better protect your important assets. This results in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage, fewer losses, lower operating costs, and significantly less administration.

The interface allows AC2000 system administrators to enrol AC2000 users into the Traka database, grant access levels to Traka key cabinets and receive Traka events and alarms back into AC2000 for seamless day to day operation of key and asset management solutions to manage assets.


  • Seamless integration allowing Traka system administration from familiar AC2000 environment
  • Manage access to business keys
  • Prevents unauthorised access to keys/assets
  • Reduces wasted time looking for lost keys
  • AC2000 card data records are exported to the Traka Key-safe system
  • AC2000 card data automatically exported almost immediately
  • Using an integrated card reader on the Traka terminal, only authorised card holders will have access to certain keys
  • Individual and Group Level updates to the Traka system in real time
  • Control of cardholder facility and area access based on Traka key or asset status – e.g. employees cannot leave site unless keys are returned to Traka
  • Single credential used for both door access and keys, or assets secured in Traka