DIU 210

The DIU 210 Door Interface Unit (DIU) provides power to a door lock and local power to a CEM reader when a high level of security is required. With its onboard inputs the DIU 210 can be used to monitor conditions such as a fire alarm or activated break-glass condition.

The DIU 210 improves door security by allowing the installer to locate lock controls on the secure side of a door, with an intelligent CEM reader on the unsecured side.

Upon a valid swipe at the card reader, the reader will instruct the DIU 210 to activate the appropriate output to release the lock. As an added benefit, the DIU 210 monitors the status of all standard door monitoring inputs.


  • Door Interface Electronics held on one board
  • Provides ‘coded lock’ serial interface between door hardware and card reader
  • Onsite selectable for 12V or 24V lock output
  • Fire alarm and break glass inputs for emergency door release
  • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance using 2 part connectors throughout
  • Backup battery connection for emergency power