AC2000 Biometric Enrollment

Single, integrated solution for both access control & biometric enrollment

AC2000 Biometric enrollment allows users to enrol a cardholder’s fingerprint template directly onto the AC2000 server at the same time as capturing other access control details such as personal information and photographic image.

This integrated process removes the need for any third party enrollment software or hardware to be installed in addition to the AC2000 access control system.

Fingerprint validation takes place using a CEM S610f fingerprint validation reader connected directly to an Ethernet network.  This enables biometric data capture to take place at the same time as other security data capture.  The software does not store an actual image of the fingerprint anywhere in the system.  Instead a unique ID number is derived from the minutiae of the fingerprint scan and is stored into both the AC2000 central server database and the S610f fingerprint reader database at the door.


  • Fully integrated biometric enrollment software process; removing the need for any third party enrollment software or hardware
  • Fast fingerprint validation over 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Secure communication on the central AC2000 server and also in the S610f reader database using RC4 encryption
  • Fingerprint images can be displayed on the AC2000 workstation screen during enrollment as a visual aid, or hidden for privacy data protection reasons
  • Non-Enroller feature within the software allows for full cardholder enrollment when an acceptable fingerprint scan cannot be obtained for whatever reason
  • ‘Non Biometric Time zone’ feature offers non biometric validation at pre-defined parts of the day