Ruggedized, lightweight, portable hand-held card reader

The S3060 can be used with the AC2000 access control and security management system in a wide range of scenarios where mobility is paramount.

It can be used to secure predefined zones, or at fixed temporary locations where there is no power, to verify that a cardholder is authorized to be at that location and to record their presence.

A large full colour touch screen provides intuitive, quick, and easy navigation. Information about card validity, including cardholder details (cardholder photograph, name, date of birth, and card validity) allow operators to quickly and visually verify card holder access privileges. The cardholder image display on the S3060 portable reader provides visual verification which is ideal for mustering support and minimizing the threat of card sharing.

With 30+ years experience in fully integrated enterprise security management systems, CEM Systems continues to develop smart solutions to solve problems related to access control in remote or temporary locations where there is no power.
Up to 500,000 encrypted cardholder ID’s can be held in the reader’s database. Transactional data is buffered and later passed to the AC2000 system via built in Wi-Fi connectivity which supports WPA2 encryption or via an Ethernet-capable docking station.
The use cases for the S3060 Portable Reader are many, ranging from a security guard managing access by using it in a patrolling mode within predefined zones, to facilitating appropriate access to remote construction sites, bus and train stations, airside / landside boundaries, and random checks within large commercial sites.

S3060 portable reader features many modes including Roaming Feature; Random Check Mode; Database Timeout Mode; Mustering Mode to name but a few. 


  • High security mobile solution in an all-in-one S3060 handheld device.
  • Cardholder Details – Stored cardholder photographs are displayed on the reader along with Name, and Date of Birth, allowing for additional visual verification.
  • Mustering – The S3060 portable readers contains the current system muster state, allowing for usage in a muster situation where the muster count is decremented as each person swipes their card. (Mustering is used, for example in the evacuation of cardholders to a safe location in the event of an emergency). A report is provided which shows the details of cardholders who still need to present their card.
  • Roaming - The S3060 portable readers can be temporarily assigned a different pre-defined reader address. This allows a single portable reader to be used across multiple card verification zones.
  • Occupancy Mode – This allows a cardholder head count in a defined area preventing card sharing. Occupancy mode provides the ability to do spot checks on a pre-defined group of people in a defined area, e.g. a bus or plane.
  • Increased Storage – The S3060 portable reader holds over 500,000 cardholder records and up to 50,000 offline transactions.