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CEM Hospital

CEM Systems - Healthcare Solutions

by PhilipVerner

On hospital campuses and other healthcare facilities, it has never been more important to create a secure environment where assets and people are kept safe and that the risk of contamination being spread, is minimised. CEM Systems has capitalised on the latest advances in technology to deliver integrated access control solutions which give healthcare workers, patients and visitors peace of mind in knowing they are being kept safe and yet do not disrupt day-to-day activities.

CEM Systems AC2000 Product Family

CEM Systems Access Control Solutions - Q&A with Philip Verner

by PhilipVerner

With its solutions installed at numerous airports throughout the world, CEM Systems can claim to be the leading provider of access control and security management solutions for the aviation sector. What is perhaps not so well known is that the company has also achieved considerable success within other vertical market sectors, such as data centres, healthcare, education and utilities.

We asked Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director for the security products division of Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart and sustainable buildings, to explain how CEM Systems has been able to consistently win new orders for major access control projects throughout EMEA, despite facing stiff competition from countless other access control manufacturers.

emerald health & safety advert

Top 3 tips for using emerald beyond access control for site health & safety

by PhilipVerner

Did you know that emerald access control terminals can be used to assist with site health & safety regulations and employee certification date checks? Here’s how…

emerald terminal offers customers the use of intelligent door modes and a range of smart applications’ directly at the door. To assist with site health & safety there are three terminal modes / “apps” that are proving highly beneficial.

CEM Systems emerald intelligent access terminal

Intelligent Security Considerations for Smarter Buildings

by PhilipVerner

In 2017 we saw a growing interest in ‘intelligent security systems’ and applications which add value beyond access control and video surveillance. As the industry continues to move towards preventative security measures (as opposed to just capturing an event after it has happened), the role of intelligent security systems and the gathering of data and analytics from multiple building systems is becoming increasingly profound.

These trends will continue in 2018 with building security deployments not only needing to pay for themselves but deliver much more than just physical security by adding measurable and strategic value to businesses. Many businesses will continue to ask, ’How can we use our access control system to reduce operational costs and improve business efficiencies?

2017 Hot Access Control Trends

2017 Hot Access Control Trends

by PhilipVerner

“There are many trends and topics which will dominate the security industry this year. These include the growth of ‘smart security systems’ and ‘intelligent smart applications’ which add value beyond security, as well as the growing use of mobile credentials, wireless/offline locks and multi-modal biometrics. There will continue to be challenges within the industry such as the move from legacy technologies to a more secure smart card or an alternative form of credential, and with more and more manufacturers moving into areas that typically where not their core business, we will continue to see the adoption of more open standards and greater cross industry co-operation.”

Smart card considerations

Smart Card Considerations Revealed

by Clinton

With the threat of card cloning and door controller interceptions ever increasing, the industry recommendation is to use smart cards to secure credentials; but for many companies the move is daunting. For small companies the concerns are about cost, knowledge and selecting the best solution to meet their needs. Larger companies will have the additional concern of scale and how they physically manage the migration process and roll out of the new smart cards; especially if multiple sites and systems are deployed globally.

Smart Card image

What’s smart about Smart cards?

by Richard Lindsay

We hear a lot about Smart cards, but why? What makes them so great in comparison to traditional access control cards? First let’s look at traditional credential based access control cards, and then see what’s so smart about Smart cards.

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