There’s a reason CEM Systems are the global leaders in aviation security

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CEM Systems - global leaders in aviation security

“For over 30 years the CEM Systems AC2000 Airport security management system has been used to secure and add value to airport operations around the world and we are delighted that in 2019 over 1 billion global passengers passed through a CEM secured airport. As leaders in aviation security, our industry leadership has been gained by our flexibility to deliver the most advanced access control solutions that meet the most rigorous of aviation requirements”.

Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director, CEM

When it comes to aviation security we’re always flying high, but don’t just take our word for it. The 2019 facts and figures speak for themselves.

*source CAA Statistics for passenger traffic 2019
*source CAA Statistics for passenger traffic 2019

30 years of smart intelligent airport security

For over 30 years CEM Systems aviation specific access control solutions have been successfully securing airports around the world; including 90% of UK airports such as London’s Heathrow and Gatwick and many of the world’s major airport hubs from Hong Kong, Delhi, Dubai to Vancouver. Our suitability and success in the airport industry has been for a number of reasons. Manufacturing both the access control hardware and system software, CEM can fully develop innovative solutions to meet the unique requirements of airports. The CEM AC2000 Airport solution has been designed to offer the highest level of security for airports which are large and complex installations. AC2000 Airport also offers the flexibility to provide specific requirements for each airport with often high levels of system integrations.

Another contributing factor has been CEM’s innovative range of products to assist Beyond Security and help with Airport operations. CEM’s intelligent IP card readers and biometric solutions were originally developed with airports in mind. They are highly proven within airports for their offline database to ensure zero system downtime at the door. The user-friendly LCD screens and touch screens on CEM’s card readers have also made them a popular choice for airports as they display visual feedback messages and outcomes and can act as a smart information point for airport staff, contractors and flight agents. Recent innovations include the CEM S3050 portable hand held reader for temporary checks or roaming security checks throughout airports’ airside areas.

The CEM emerald IP access control terminal also offers the highest level of innovation with an aviation feature set – enabling airports to use their access control terminal for other applications beyond that of simply controlling a door. These include advanced control of Gate room Management for passenger segregation and aiding passenger flow, as well as controlling fixed ground power to planes for calculating airline power consumption. Airports have also utilised emerald to display adverts or health and safety messages before credential holders enter a secure or sanitized airport zone.

As a result of these factors the CEM AC2000 Airport solution has gained a reputation of providing one of the most comprehensive, resilient, flexible and efficient airport security systems available today.

However, with 30 years’ experience we also understand that Airports requirements are constantly changing with new threats and challenges. Today’s COVID-19 challenges are the latest challenge being presented to Airports and the aviation industry which are impacting airport operations and processes. To assist with this challenge CEM will continue to work with airports, airlines, aviation authorities and our CEM partners to adapt our product solutions with new features that help airports meet their rapidly evolving and ever changing needs.