Top 3 tips for using emerald beyond access control for site health & safety

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emerald access control terminal for site health & safety

In 2012 CEM Systems emerald terminal was released to the market with the message “A world of possibilities at your fingertips”. It’s a cliché but it really was a game changer in that we were releasing a smart intelligent device that had the possibility to go beyond just access control measures to add value to other business functions. Eight years on and it’s good to take a look at how some of our customers within key sectors have embraced the possibilities of emerald beyond security to improve their site health & safety.
Philip Verner, Sales Director, Tyco-CEM Systems

Did you know that emerald access control terminals can be used to assist with site health & safety regulations and employee certification date checks? Here’s how…

emerald terminal offers customers the use of intelligent door modes and a range of smart applications’ directly at the door. To assist with site health & safety there are three terminal modes / “apps” that are proving highly beneficial.

    1) emerald checklist mode. emerald can ask credential holders a series of informative and auditable questions that they must answer before gaining entry to a controlled area/zone. For example “Are you wearing your safety boots?” or “Have you received your permit to work”? The selections made by users using checklist mode are then stored on the AC2000 server for future reporting and compliance checks.
emerald checklist mode for health & safety
TIP 1 - emerald checklist mode for health & safety

emerald multi-date check. The AC2000 access control system provides card validity checks as standard, but emerald’s “multi-date check mode” takes this a step further by checking the validity of additional criteria above ‘card valid’ such as training certificates or work permits that might be required on site. These additional checks are user configurable by our customers and so can be used for many purposes such as managing permits to work or health and safety training certificates. When applied, multi-date check monitors the validity of these additional checks and provides cardholder’s with status updates on the emerald display such as “Health & Safety certificates: About to Expire”.

Optionally, using emerald multi-date check, a cardholder’s access to an area can be denied if the additional date check (such as ‘Permit to Work’ certificate) has expired or lapsed. Detailed reports can also be run on expiry dates, to proactively ensure that personnel certifications and permits to work always remain up to date.

emerald multi-date check mode
TIP 2 - emerald multi-date check mode

3) emerald adverts. emerald can also be used to display informative health & safety or HR messages and adverts to encourage good employee ‘behaviours’ in line with company procedures. For example “Please remember to wash your hands” or “Facial recognition area in operation”.

So now we know the emerald smart tools/tips let’s look at how some sectors are using them…

As leaders in aviation security CEM airport customers have always been the first to embrace our new access control technologies to add value to their operations. emerald checklist operation mode is proving highly beneficial for use on airport air-bridges to remind or enforce airport procedures. For example to acknowledge if the air-bridge is clear of passengers or “Is the aircraft chocked” to avoid sudden jolts when initialising the use of the air-bridge.

emerald for airports
emerald for airport air-bridges

Railways are using emerald checklist mode to ensure contractors only gain entry to a controlled road/zone by wearing the correct safety gear. They are also successfully using emerald multi-date check to ensure that cardholder certifications and permits to work are valid and not in breach of policy/regulations.

emerald for railways
emerald for railways

Before entering a hospital area or theatre, healthcare cardholders can be prompted to wash their hands or can be notified if a particular zone is under quarantine.

emerald for hospitals
emerald for hospitals

Data centres
For employee health & safety within server rooms, data centres are successfully using emerald to prompt credential holders to turn off the gas suppression system temporarily whilst entering the area. This is to protect employees in the server room in the event of a fire. As an added, dual layer of security into server room doors, data centres are also installing emerald fingerprint readers for card plus biometric verification. This reliably tracks access control identities to server rooms and ensures that only certified staff gain entry to these restricted areas for data protection and compliance regulations.

emerald for data centres
emerald for data centres

These are just a few examples of how our customers are using emerald. In addition to providing advanced access control, emerald is ideal for use in any sector that wishes to encourage good employee behavioural processes.

So if you have an emerald terminal installed in your building, think about how it can be utilised beyond just access control to reinforce your health & safety procedures. This will ultimately help towards preventative health & safety incidents, improved employee best practice ‘behaviours’ and provide a full, audit trail of checklist outcomes and certification date checks for future compliance purposes and reporting.

CEM Systems emerald – going beyond access control to enhance site health & safety.