Financial Ministry of Finance Nigeria

The Ministry of Finance, Nigeria oversees various financial and economic affairs of the federal government of Nigeria.  The AC2000 Access Control and Security Management System was installed by CEM Approved Reseller Acti-Tech Ltd, to protect their high security premises.

AC2000 offers the Ministry of Finance a fully integrated and comprehensive access control, alarms processing, and photo ID badging system. The system comes with a suite of applications including AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging Pass Production System) which the Ministry of Finance found particularly beneficial.  As well as utilising AC2000’s software modules, the site has also installed CEM S610f fingerprint readers, CEM EtherProx readers and CEM Power over Ethernet technology.

The S610f fingerprint reader offers increased security by providing three levels of identity checks – ID card authentication, PIN check and fingerprint verification. The reader allows the Ministry of Finance the opportunity to add an additional layer of biometric security where necessary.

“CEM Systems offered great support throughout the project and provided an excellent solution to secure the Ministry of Finance. The fully integrated solution will allow the premises to run effectively and efficiently with the highest of security measures”.
Peter Madu Managing Director, Acti-Tech