Aviation Indira Gandi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DIAL) is one of the major gateways in India, with around 22.84 million passengers travelling through its terminals each year.  The AC2000 access control system provides reliable and scalable security, protecting passengers, staff and the airport premises.

To secure the new Terminal 3, DIAL and BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security India) required a proven access control solution which could utilise IP technology and be fully integrated with other systems in the terminal.

The AC2000 system installed at Indira Gandhi has been integrated with several other sub-systems to provide a central SMS (security management system).The system offers a fully integrated IP based access control and video solution, with AC2000 providng high-level integration with IndigoVision NVR alarms from over 2600 cameras.

Over 3500 CEM IP card readers were installed throughout the terminal, making the installation one of the biggest IP based access control systems in the region. As cabling had to be kept to a minimum at air-bridges, the CEM readers were powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. To secure equipment rooms and critical points on the Airside/Landside boundary, Indira Gandhi Airport also chose CEM S610f fingerprint readers; providing high security for critical areas with three layers of authentication – PIN, Card and Biometric verification.

“The Indira Gandhi Terminal 3 project represents a landmark development in the aviation sector within India and both ADT India and CEM Systems are delighted to be involved.”
Ramesh Jayaraman Managing Director ADT India