CEM Systems Releases Latest Version of It’s AC2000 System - v7.1

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AC2000 v7.1 software release

“This latest version of the AC2000 software suite, including the AC2000 Airport and AC2000 Lite editions, reflects CEM Systems continued commitment to delivering superior performance and capability that meet day-to-day customer needs. Whether it’s needing to integrate a third-party product or booking a meeting room, AC2000 is focused on blending the highest level of security with practical business application.”
George Martinez, Product Manager, Tyco Security Products

A new ‘room booking’ feature using CEM’s innovative emerald access terminal and Microsoft outlook.

Belfast, 14 January, 2016 – Tyco Security Products announced today the release of CEM Systems AC2000 v.7.1, with a series of performance-enhancing additions to this access control and security management software suite, including an improved Application Programming Interface (API) for easier third-party integrations, new room booking solution, multi-card support capabilities, and additional integrations.

AC2000 offers an updated API that allows for full bi-directional communication, making it possible to send and receive information from the access control system to other platforms, such as a physical security management system (PSIM). And the enhanced API also better supports third-party integrations from selected systems interfacing with AC2000.

Also new to AC2000 v.7.1 is the room booking feature using Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with CEM’s emerald intelligent access touch screen reader and controller. Using either Outlook or the emerald terminal at the meeting room door, users now can streamline the meeting process by creating, editing and displaying room booking information for ongoing or new meetings.

Systems administrators will find it possible under v.7.1 to enrol and differentiate multiple active cards per individual, which enables a much smoother transition when migrating to a new card system from an old one or when merging companies that have operated on different card-based access platforms.

Other system enhancements to AC2000 include improved AC2000 WEB interface and feature redesigns to the Data Import tool and software applications for Personnel, Visitors and Extended Reports. Building on the existing range of video, perimeter, fire and intrusion integrations, AC2000 now offers new integrations with Zettler Profile MZX Fire Panels, Commend VirtuoSIS Intercom System, and Otis Panorama Elevator Management System.

About CEM Systems

About CEM Systems
CEM Systems from Tyco Security Products is now part of Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. CEM provides highly advanced security management solutions which include integrated access control, ID badging, alarm monitoring, people counting systems and the industry’s most advanced and flexible range of card readers.

From a small facility to a large multi-site facility the sophisticated AC2000 access control system and advanced CEM products provide a solution to meet even the most complex needs. Each CEM system can be customized to specifically fit the needs of each individual customer, ensuring a powerful, highly tailored level of protection that simply cannot be matched in the industry. For more information on CEM Systems access control technologies, visit www.cemsys.com.

Tyco Security Products is now part of Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. With its world-leading premium access control, video, location-based tracking and intrusion solutions, Tyco Security Products employs over 2,800 employees globally, including research and development, marketing, manufacturing, sales, service and logistics teams in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Our products, built by developers from all product disciplines, consistently allow customers to see more, do more, and save more across multiple industries and segments including healthcare, government, transportation, finance, retail, commercial and residential. Worldwide, Tyco Security Products helps protect 42% of Fortune 500 companies, transportation systems on five continents, 37% of the world’s top 100 retailers, over two million commercial enterprises, thousands of students in more than 900 educational facilities, and over five million private residences.