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Systems Overview

Scaleable, resilient, innovative and fully integrated security management solutions!

Combining the performance of leading edge hardware with a wealth of features and software functionality, CEM has an access solution to meet all requirements. The proven CEM AC2000 product range offers reliable security management for small though to large, multi-site applications.


In a fast moving world you can rely on AC2000; a powerful access control and security management system. Continuously developed to meet the most complex of security needs, AC2000 provides a highly stable, proven solution for installations where security is of paramount importance.

AC2000 Lite

AC2000 Lite is a powerful, feature rich access control and security management system for small to medium sized sites. Encompassing the core software features of the AC2000 system and supporting CEMís range of leading hardware products, AC2000 Lite is one of the most accomplished security management solutions available for the small to mid range markets.

AC2000 Airport

In the dynamic world of aviation you can rely on AC2000 Airport; a powerful access control and security management system. AC2000 Airport is an aviation specific security management system that has a proven record as one of the most reliable and resilient security solutions available.