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What is smart about smart cards?

When: 25th April 16.00 UK time

First introduced in Europe nearly three decades ago, smart cards debuted as a stored value tool for payphones to reduce theft. As smart cards and other chip-based cards advanced, people found new ways to use them.

•What to look for when selecting a smart card
•What is the standard for the physical security industry
•How do I install confidence in my customer
•What benefits do smart cards provide

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Security Intelligence at the Edge webinar

  • Maggi Chesney, CEM Systems Software Development Director discussed the revolution of access control intelligence at the edge.

Webinar Overview
Traditionally access control and security intelligence resided on the central server. But now, with the introduction of edge devices and touch screen technology, intelligence is moving closer to the user.

So what was discussed?

- Latest edge device providing users with functionality at the door, traditionally only available on a client PC

- Advantages and benefits of access control at the edge

- Ensuring security at the edge

- The world of possibilities that now exist with intelligent security at the edge

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