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Location Milan
Booth Pav. 7 U01 Z06 (Bentel Security stand)

For more than thirty years, SICUREZZA has reflected the industry and its evolution, rising to the challenges of a dynamic and ever-changing sector. Today’s challenges span the increasing use of IP and ever-closer integration between physical and logical security.

The next event showcases a new phase in the evolution of security: customized solutions for every sphere of application in an increasingly interconnected world that is looking to exploit the opportunities of the Internet of Things, which blurs the line between physical security and IT security.

All of the latest developments in the industry are being showcased at SICUREZZA 2017, from video surveillance to anti-intrusion, access control and crime prevention, against the backdrop of a continually-evolving market and growing interest in synergic sectors that are more and more adjacent to the security world.

Information and big data, the Internet of Things, drones, fire prevention (detection and extinction), Building Automation and Smart Building will be part of the event.

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