The Industry's most multi functional intelligent access terminal.

emerald from CEM Systems is a range of advanced, intelligent IP access terminals. With its sleek design and state of the art LCD touch screen, emerald is revolutionising the security industry. A powerful reader and controller in one, emerald also features a fully integrated VoIP intercom and a range of ‘Remote Applications’ that provide a whole new multifaceted access control experience.

emerald is available in four versions:
TS100 - Touch screen card reader
TS200 - Touch screen card reader & integrated VoIP intercom
TS300 - Touch screen card reader, integrated VoIP intercom & Remote Applications
TS300f - Intelligent fingerprint access terminal (including all TS300 features).

Intelligent Touch Terminal

emerald has an innovative, sophisticated design. It’s touch sensitive 4.3” graphical LCD screen with hardened glass and anti-glare coating is durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors and is IP 65 rated. With built-in mini PIR sensor, the terminal features energy saving motion detection. With an intuitive GUI, emerald also displays a wide range of predefined animated messages to cardholders depending on their privileges and features an optional Scramble keypad for Personal Identification Number (PIN) security.

IP Reader & Controller

emerald is an advanced IP reader and controller in one device. With an offline database, emerald can store up to 250,000 cardholders records and up to 50,000 card transactions in offline mode. This enables 24/7 security, even in the event of communication being temporarily lost with the host access control server. With multiple operational door modes, emerald can be used in a variety of applications and also supports a range of highly secure smart card technologies, such as 13.56 MHz MiFare (CSN) and DESFire (CSN) smart cards.

Intercom Functionality

emerald features a fully integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom (TS200/300/300f versions only). This provides two way point-to-point communicate directly with security personnel when assistance is required. Access to the intercom can be restricted by card holders and can be used as an additional layer of authenication in high security areas.

Remote Applications

Intelligence at the edge..
One of emerald’s unique features is the ability to run server based remote applications at the door. (TS300/300f versions only). Applications available include ‘First and Last swipes’ that can be used for time and attendance purposes, ‘Your Card Details’ for individuals to determine access levels & card expiry date and ‘Change PIN’ that allows users to proactively change their own PIN without contacting the system operator. Another key application is scheduled visits. A range of ‘Maintenance Applications’ are also available which allows engineers to locally diagnose devices and change network information remotely.

Integrated Fingerprint Biometrics

The emerald (TS300f fingerprint version only) features a controller, advanced IP card reader and fingerprint module all in one device, meeting requirements for three stage identity authenication (card, PIN, and biometric verification) using one device. The high resolution optical sensor and 1:1 fingerprint match at the door allows fast card and fingerprint verification.


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Seeing is believing. View emerald overview videos.

  • Industry’s most multifunctional access terminal
  • User friendly 4.3” capacitive LCD touch screen
  • Intuitive GUI enhancing user experience at the door IP card reader and controller in one
  • PIR motion detection
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Intercom functionality
  • Support for a range of smart card technologies
  • Ability to securely run Remote Applications from AC2000 central server directly at the door
  • Scramble keypad option
  • Offline database for 250,000 cardholder records
  • Mulitple door modes
  • Power over Ethernet technology
  • Easy to install
  • Biometric fingerprint option (TS300f)